Monday, 16 December 2013

WEBSEOBUY – Buy High Pagerank Backlinks

Why is my business short of growth? Why does my competitor’s website rank higher than my website? Why is my website not getting the desired traffic that it deserves?
If you are looking answers to these questions then this is the place to be.
Amanda : Hello my name is Amanda I have here with me Peter a digital marketing expert from Estiron LLC. Welcome to the second episode of WEBGURU. In this episode we will discuss what are high pagerank backlinks and about their role in promotion of online business. Hello Peter how are you doing today?
Peter : Hi Amanda. I am good thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here at WEBGURU.
Amanda :- Great so Peter to begin with I would want to put forward one of the most basic questions people usually have that is what exactly are high pagerank backlinks.
Peter : Amanda this is the most critical question which is imperative for anyone to know who wish to get success in their online website promotion campaign. Backlinks are editorial votes for one’s website. Search engines give credit to those websites which have quality backlinks linking in. When I refer quality backlinksI mean links which come from authoritative web pages that is pages with a low number of outbound links; and are of do follow nature.
Amanda : What are authoritative web pages?
Peter :  Authoritative web page is one which has good value in the eyes of search engine. Usually these pages are assigned a high Page Rank by Google. PR varies between 0-10; higher the PR better it is for the web page.
Amanda : Interesting and what do you mean by do follow nature?
Peter : All links can be categorized as either Dofollow or Nofollow.
No follow links are those which give reference to a URL however does not pass on its credibility or link juice whereas do follow links are those  which gives reference as well as passes both its credibility and link juice to the web page. It is always beneficial to get do follow links for your website.
Amanda : Really very informative. Our audience here would like to know what kind of link building services does WEBSEOBUY offers.
Peter : WEBSEOBUY offers a range of link building services. Our experts have years of proven experience in the field of digital marketing and we understand the importance of quality backlinks. At WEBSEOBUY we ensure that you get one hundred percent do follow links from higher authority websites which have a good pagerank .Needless to say all links are placed on actual PR pages and we ensure that your website gets enough number of unique IP’s.
Amanda : Ok so audience if you’re interested in availing quality link building services then this is the place to be. Visit and rank your website on top of search engines. Lastly I would like to thank Peter for providing this great insight on link building services and our viewers for being such great audience. Look forward to see you at the next episode of WEBGURU.

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Friday, 26 July 2013

High Pagerank Backlinks

What is backlinks?

In layman language, backlink means incoming links to a webpage or website. In other words, backlink is a link which is received by a web page from another webpage. Backlinks are often referred to as inbound links, incoming links, inwards links and inlinks. In SEO, backlinks play an important role as search engines consider the quantity and quality of backlinks to determine Page Rank of a webpage.

Backlinks are used for the purpose of creating a status for a website in SEO or SERP’s. The popularity of a website can be calculated on the basis of number of backlinks to the website. In SEO term, backlink from one site to another site is measured as the vote given to that site. The more votes a site gets the better ranking it gains. One of the factors used by Google to assign pagerank to a website is by way of calculating the number of quality backlinks the website is getting.

The quality of links can be categorized in two ways i.e. High Pagerank backlinks & Low Pagerank backlinks. High Pagerank backlinks are from high PR websites and draw much more value than Low pagerank backlinks attained from Low PR websites. 

How to get High PR BackLinks?
There are different ways in which you can get High pagerank BackLinks. Following only one of them is not as much effective as doing them all together. These are:
·         Guest Blogging
·         Paid Links
·         Article Publishing
·         Link Directories
·         Social Bookmarking
·         Press Release Submission
·         Social Media

Benefits of High PR Backlinks
High Pagerank backlinks have various benefits. Some of these are:
·      Popularity: With more coverage from other websites and based on your contribution & involvement, you draw popularity for your website.
·         Good Quality Traffic: High pagerank backlinks helps draw quality traffic from various websites.
·        Increase in Page Rank: Getting quality high pagerank backlinks helps to increase the pagerank of your website as more the number of quality backlinks means more votes for the website and in turn more popularity.
·         SEO boost: High pagerank backlinks helps increase online visibility for your business.

If you are planning to set up high pagerank backlinks at forums or blogs, make sure that you leave comments that pertain to the blog or forum’s subject matter. Also ensure that you have read the rules and regulations at forums before placing links. Some blogs/forums provide leeway for placing backlinks, while others have strict rules forbidding this type of self-promotion. It is therefore advisable to respect the rules to avoid being banned.